DAY ONE - Saturday, October 11


I leave Bozeman at 9:15AM.

I take the pass and stop at the Livingston Albertsons to get a few items. Itís cloudy and overcast; 49 degrees. The fall color seems just past peak. The mountains have no snow. Still it's a really nice drive.

Iím through the entrance gate just past 11 AM. I see elk right away and mule deer in Gardiner canyon. I have my visit with Allison, then drive through Mammoth.

I stop at Blacktail ponds and watch bison grazing. I note there are many less birds here than in the summer, but still plenty of ducks.

I scope to the south at S Curves but find nothing. Stop again at Hellroaring. While Iím here, Laurie, Kathie & Betsy arrive. Warm greetings and many hugs. We all drive back to Lower Hellroaring where Rick has signals of 870F. We donít find her, though, and end up driving back west to Frog Rock. Itís very windy. We find no wolves, but we do see elk and bison.

The latest news is about Nateís book deal. And that a certain celebrityís production company has already optioned it for a film. I try to advise that an option is not at all a sure thing.

When we all head east I decide to continue past Roosevelt and head towards Tower Falls. I've heard a report of a black bear sow with three cubs in the area. And happily, I find her, asleep under a tree with her cubs all around. I set up Layla and show families and kids.

Then I head to Little America, where I see many pronghorn. There has been a good deal of rain lately and the result is a very green Lamar Valley. I scope from Dorothyís, watching bison & pronghorn.

Then on I go to Round Prairie where I find 2 goats way up high. Rick tells me he has Lamar signals in the Soda Butte Valley but we cannot manage to find them. I drive on to Laurieís and get myself set up there. Kathie joins us and we watch the playoffs: Giants vs Cardinals. Kathie is a big Giants fan.

Today I saw: bison, mule deer, elk, 2 mountain goats, pronghorn, and the spirit of Allison

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