DAY FIVE - Wednesday, April 15


I was right about weather coming in last night Ė there is a dusting of snow on the car and itís still snowing. But the roads are no trouble.

I stop at Round Prairie. Hmm, visibility is probably going to be an issue today. Itís colder and still a bit windy. Nothing here so I move on.

Rick is at Hitching Post. He says 926ís signal is still at the den and towards the east. Itís very windy here and itís blowing snow in my face. Rick asks me to scope from the pullout east of Soda Cone, so I go back there and set up.

There is some apprehension that the Mollies might invade the Lamar Canyon den area again like they did in years past. But I bet they are already across the road, heading back to Pelican.

There is less wind this morning but visibility is still not good. Laurie & Dan arrive; Rick asks them to scope from further east. Neither of us has any luck. I have to leave fairly soon to meet Jackie on my way back, so I join Laurie & Dan to bid them goodbye.

I see that Rick and Lizzie have climbed confluence hill. They have signals for the Mollies to the south. Visibility is so bad, though, I doubt they would be visible. As I approach Trash Can, Bill H radios that Scarface is in view again.

The pullouts are jammed so I go on to mid-point. I set up and through the blowing snow I watch the old bruin meandering along the river bank heading my way.

Now I bid adieu to Lamar and head west. The roads are dry from Slough to Undine. It snows the whole way and the trees are nicely flocked all through the Blacktail.

I have another a bison jam between Hellroaring and the Elk Bowl. This one was particularly tricky as itís on a curve. But I get through. I stop at Blacktail Ponds where I find 5 sandhill cranes and two coyotes.

Itís good I left early because there is intermittent snow on Rt 89. I meet Jackie and have a lovely time with her. But the Pass is a mess and I hate it! However, I donít think Trail Creek would have been better this time of year. I just take my time and use my flashers.

I am totally surprised when I see how Bozeman got hammered! It's under nearly a foot of new snow and it's still coming down. I wonder if this is headed to the Park? The town is totally transformed and looks great. And guess what? The next day the sun came out and it was all gone in 24 hours!

Today I saw: 1 grizzly bear (Scarface), bison, coyotes, elk, 5 sandhill cranes and the spirit of Allison.

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