DAY FOUR - Friday, October 14


I leave a little late this morning. Last night we had really high winds and the power went out. This morning we have to pack up & get breakfast in the dark!

Laurie and Pauline were planning to leave Silver Gate this afternoon with me, but Laurie feels she cannot leave the house until the power is back on. So they might leave tomorrow morning instead. It usually does not stay out more than a few hours, but ya never know.

My first stop is at Footbridge. Rick thinks 926 is somewhere nearby so I volunteer to scope for her from here for a bit. The sunrise is really great. I scope until Laurie & Pauline arrive. We do not find wolves but Pauline finds a grizzly. Itís at the base of K2; a beautiful bear with a traditional silver jacket.

We decide to head south as Rick has Junction signals from Antelope. I am about to leave when Laurie discovers her battery is dead. I turn my car around and give her a jump, using her cables.

Once she gets going again, Laurie has heard that the power in Silver Gate is back on so they head back there to prep the house. We make a plan for me to take her to the car dealership in Bozeman tomorrow to see whatís wrong with the battery.

But the weather is looking iffy so I decide to forego a trip to Antelope and head back to Bozeman.

I see elk cows & calves grazing happily in Mammoth and there are bighorn sheep right on the road in Corwin Springs.

I take Trail Creek back and see lots of mulies. This route is so beautiful!

Today I saw: bison, elk, bighorn sheep and the spirit of Allison.

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