Due to the US Government shut down, which began October 1, this ended up being my very shortest trip to YNP. Of course the shenanigans shut down Yellowstone, too, but I traveled to Bozeman on 10/12 anyway, hoping that our legislators would stop being so childish and get the country back to work.

So many people's trips were ruined because of this. I was one of the lucky ones - at least I could still enjoy myself in Bozeman..

I am grateful, as always, to John Uhler for starting my Loon adventure, to Doug Dance for creating this webpage and teaching me how to use it, and to Laurie L and Rick McIntyre for their continued friendship and generosity.

And a note about Allison and her spirit. Allison was a shining-light of a woman, my friend and the Queen of the Loons. She passed away suddenly in December of 2003. In June of 2004, her loving family arranged for her ashes to be scattered on Kite Hill in Mammoth Hot Springs, where she had worked in her youth. Many of us were in attendance at that ceremony. Thus, each time I visit the Park I feel her presence, and I hope always to share my trips with her.


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me (in visor) with Allison at the 2001 Loonion