This trip was originally planned for early May but it had to be cancelled due to work concerns. A long-time employee in my three-person office announced her imminent departure and finding a replacement for such a loved and trusted colleague was difficult and time-consuming. Luckily, though, once I found my new employee, it turned out that I only had to postpone the trip for three weeks. But then, work concerns followed me as I flew and I was still working when I got to Bozeman. In fact, I was still feeling more than 75% New Yorker when I arrived at the arch. But I eventually found a great solution, as you will see.

Sorry this report took so long to get written and published. I'm more tortoise than hare! 8~)

Thanks are always in order to John Uhler for starting the Web Page that made all the rest possible. And to Doug Dance for designing this site for me, for supporting my efforts and teaching me html and for hosting it for so long; to Geyser Gary for providing a transitional web home and for endless helpful advice, and to Ballpark Frank for organizing so many Loon hikes.

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