In one of Buck's goofy posts way before I left for the Loonion, he jokingly appointed me Historian of the Loons so I hope he appreciates how seriously I took him! I wrote it partly as a record to look back on and partly for the joy of re-living it. I beg your indulgence for its length; in truth, it has been much edited. I expect I've made mistakes in the order some things happened; many similar sightings in Lamar have inadvertently become jumbled in my memory. I have, of course, looked for clues in other Loon's trip reports as well as my own notes and photos but feel free to let me know if you spot a mistake so I can correct it.

Thanks to John Uhler for his wonderful Page and for making a home for us Loons. Thanks also to the First Wave Loons who have posted their terrific reports: Dan M, Sandi, Mark R., Tim A, Sunflower, Geri & Bruce, Cathy W, Lew & Deb and Joette. I've read and enjoyed each one. Thanks to everyone else who has posted a trip report. I haven't missed a one. They have sustained me in my hour(s) of need. And finally thanks to Doug Dance for his superb photos and his generosity in providing web space for me.

If you have not yet been to Yellowstone and you are about to read this, please stop, make plans to go, THEN read it.

P. S. Sorry it took so long. I'm a lousy typist.

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