DAY TWO - Saturday, November 26


Itís 24 this morning, with a light dusting of snow on the car. And itís still snowing.

I donít expect to see any wolves until I get a good deal further west. A coyote crosses the road east of Lamar River Bridge.

Through Little America itís still snowing lightly, but visibility is fine. Both crews are west of Hellroaring. We try to help them find wolves but so far, nothing. I drive past S Curves, all the way to Wraith Falls, where I see a big bull elk.

We are worried that the Junctions may have gone north, outside the Park. The hunting rules are still awful, although the worst of them have been temporarily suspended by a judge as he considers a new lawsuit by two environmental orgs.

Jeff and I try to find Rescue wolves from the Blacktail straightaway lot. Instead, we find bison and elk and one coyote. Jeff is only recently back from Canada. He left because the steep grades and curves of the new Mammoth road were too hard on his camper. Heís now switched it for his nice red pickup.

We go up to Nature Trail and scope from there. My coffee trick doesnít work today. I guess itís just gonna be one of those days.

The weather begins to deteriorate, and we are all frustrated. Around 10AM, I decide to give up and head back east.

I stop in Lamar at midpoint for a while to watch a coyote on an old carcass between the road and the river.

There are several photographers at Round Prairie. I just missed some moose. I chat with Jort who has just found ermine tracks in the snow. I set up my scope and find some bighorn sheep.

Soon Iím back at Laurieís, where we chat and entertain ourselves, while the snow continues to fall.

Today I saw: bison, coyotes, elk, bighorn sheep and the spirits of Alison, Richard and Jeff.

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