DAY ONE - Thursday, September 1


Itís a hazy late summer day, 85 degrees, as I leave Bozeman.

There is very little traffic over the Pass despite the section that narrows to only one lane. The dry gold color is predominant now on the surrounding hills, with just a few patches of green holding on.

As I near Gardiner, I see a large group of elk in a field on the river side of the road.

I drive up the dusty Jardine road to Kathie and Markís spacious ranch house. As Iím lugging my baggage up to the porch, I see movement at my feet. Itís a teeny, little lizard!

I take a photo of it to show Jeremy later.

The house has many south-facing windows which offer a spectacular view. I have my visit with Allison from way up here. I can just make out the top of Kite Hill, where she has an equally spectacular view.

Laurie & Dan have spent a few days in Silver Gate and arrive just as itís getting dark. Laurie says the drive through the Beartooth Highway was just stunning.

We set our alarms for 0-dark-thirty and hit the sack.

Today I saw: mule deer, elk, geese, a tiny lizard and the spirits of Allison, Richard and Jeff

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