The flood damage situation in Yellowstone wears on me daily. At the beginning of this year, I missed going to Yellowstone for over 3 months because of my remodel. I had expected to make up for all that missed time this summer. Well, of course, thatís not possible now.

The Park has already done away with the license plate number restriction after just a week. There have been rumors that the northern loop might soon open to visitor traffic. But that still wonít get me into Lamar, or even Little America.

I have been yearning for the kind of solitude and adventure I can only get from the outdoors. With Lamar no longer available to me, I looked around at what WAS available and put together a plan.


Wolf project personnel are being allowed occasionally into Lamar as far as Trout Lake, although the road is only one way through Lamar Canyon due to damage there. Word is that the Junctions are fine, including the pups. Rescue Creek is also fine, frequenting the Tower Junction area. And visitors are sometimes seeing Wapiti wolves in Hayden Valley. Thatís about all I know.

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