2023 DENNING SEASON VISIT - April 23-May 2


Since my last visit in March, the Wolf Project has observed four pregnant females in the Junction Butte Pack: 907F (10), 1276F (6), 1382F (5, the former alpha of this pack, now demoted) and 1386F (aka New Mom, 3 or 4). The pack is already large, with 23-25 members (mostly females) so if all four females have litters, the pack could grow to historic levels.

My own hope is for a low-count pup season, maybe 5 or 6. I want them to be healthy, and I want them to den in a place where I can observe them!

Normally I would have visited in early April, but for the last month I have been having some mysterious pain in my legs. It has greatly reduced my mobility, especially in the mornings. It hurts to stand and to walk. I can sleep fine, and usually sitting is pain-free.

My doctor and I are trying to figure it out. While we do tests, I have tried to alleviate the pain by doing some light stretches in the middle of the day.

Laurie and Dan were supposed to visit in mid-April but they postponed for unrelated reasons. Their decision gave me more time to figure out what to do about my pain.

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