DAY EIGHT - Thursday, February 23


This morningís temp is minus 11, with a bit of wind-blown snow on the car. As I start out, a light snow is falling.

I get all the way to Slough before a single car passes me Ė Bob! Rick is on the radio checking in with those coming from the west. Alas, no one has anything.

Laurie & Dan decide to stop at Lower Hellroaring in hopes of finding the Junctions, who are STILL in the area but unseen.

Only when I approach the S Curves do I hear a report of wolves being seen on Everts.

At the Blacktail loo I see people looking intently towards the willows. Itís a moose!

I also see a bull elk at Lava Creek and a cow elk grazing by the side of the road west of the high bridge.

I find Calvin and Lynette set up at the Everts Overlook. They have found the Lupine Pack. They first spotted them from the High Bridge but after the wolves moved west they relocated to this spot and found them again.

They are bedded on one of the hogback ridges. At first, I see just three, then I find a fourth, then the remaining two. Three blacks and three grays. All of them are bedded, but Iím happy to see them. They are a lot closer than the ones we saw yesterday.

Calvin says they already fed on a fresh carcass and are now sleeping it off.

I think this is the first time Iíve seen six of them. I chat with Dylan and Taylor a bit. Itís still cold today (minus 9 at noon) but the wind has died down.

After a few hours, I leave the wolves still sleeping around 12:30. The moose is still in the willows at the Blacktail loo, but heís moved further south and is harder to see.

I am struck by the severity of this winter, so far. And we have two more months to go!

In Little America I notice yet another ďtunnelĒ west of Long pullout.

Lamar is still foggy, and Norris still shrouded.

Today I saw: bison, a coyote, elk, 6 Lupine wolves and the spirits of Allison, Richard and Jeff.

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