DAY FIVE - Thursday, October 26


We awaken to a snowfall, about 2-3 inches so far. In addition, the predicted cold snap has arrived. Itís only 15 degrees.

The plow has been through, but I donít feel comfortable going much over 25. Luckily, I find less snow on the road in Lamar, but the skies remain gray and visibility is poor.

Laurie gets a message from Kathie that she is trapped at home in Gardiner. They got about 6 inches overnight, much more than we did! Then early this morning a few cars and a school bus went off the OGR, so the Park closed it again.

As a result, even fewer people than ever are out today. Michelle/Wolf Tracker is the only guide van I see the whole day.

There are lots of ducks and geese in the Lamar River near Confluence and a big herd of bison is hanging out south of Mid-point. But the whole valley is full of fog and falling snow.

I drive through Lamar Canyon for the first time in snow on the newly created road. Itís really good, much straighter and wider than the old version.

No one has anything at Slough, so I continue west. Alas, Little America has poor visibility in all the places I usually scope.

Around 9:30 I meet Rick at Elk Creek who tells me he had a chat with Jeremy. Apparently, none of the packs are in good viewing spots today.

A light snow begins. It is quite pretty. I decide to try Little America again, where at least visibility is marginally better than in Lamar.

I try my usual places but find nothing but bison. On a day like this, you want a wolf to run across the road in front of you, like they always seem to do for first time visitors. Hah.

I drive back to Lamar and join Dale and Fay at Mid-Point. We start to count geese on the Lamar. 50. Next we count mallards. 7. Well, weíre trying!

The temperature continues to fall and the snow gets thicker. Around 10:30

I call it a day and head back to Silver Gate, enjoying the transformed landscape.

Today I saw: bison, 50 geese, 7 mallards and the spirits of Allison and Richard.

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