DAY FIFTEEN - Saturday, June 3


I spend today in Bozeman, tending my plants, getting my prescriptions and resting my aching legs.

The Junctions spent Saturday morning moving both pups from the traditional den area over to Jasper Bench, as Laurie predicted. 1276 moved the gray pup and the wolf project confirmed they both made it safely. We think the black pup was moved Friday evening or overnight.

Later on Saturday, 1276F was seen searching high and low and all over the den area, making sure no pups were left. It is unknown what part, if any, 907F played in this year’s drama.

However, 907, the alpha male and 10 other adult Junctions were seen traveling east from Amethyst to the Western Foothills on Saturday morning. This group eventually headed out towards Cache in the early evening.

So, the main takeaway from today’s news is that our easy time of regular, dependable wolf watching is over for the year. Last year’s double den watching was a rare gift. As the song goes “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

Today I saw: well, I wasn't in YNP so I saw no wildlife today

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