This Trip Report is dedicated to Allison Silveira,

who passed away suddenly in December of 2003.

Allison loved Yellowstone with a great and abiding passion and she transferred that love to all of us who knew her. When I learned that her family planned a memorial service for her in Yellowstone in June I knew I had to be there. A lot of other Loons felt the same way. After all, we called Allison our Queen, because she was our heart and soul, the one person who would take the time to smooth over flare-ups on the Page and of course, she was always the Welcome Wagon to any and all newcomers. She had been doing this since I discovered the Total Yellowstone Page back in 1998 and the place has not been the same without her. She knew Yellowstone intimately from her years of working there and she was enormously generous with her knowledge; her enthusiasm could fuel a rocket to the moon. She was an outspoken liberal and a woman of great insight, wisdom, compassion and humor. And oh, how she loved rockíníroll!

Long Live Allison! Queen of the Loons!




Note to Wolf fans: On the Friday before I left, I received the very upsetting news that the alpha male of the Druid Peak pack, #21M, had been missing for over a week. I knew right away that there was little chance he was still alive. I am not a wolf expert but it was simply inconceivable that at this time of year, with a den of pups to feed and so many experienced wolfers in the Park that this well-known wolf, if he were alive, would not be glimpsed by someone. It was bad enough when, in late January, 21ís long-time mate, alpha female #42, was discovered killed by a rival pack. In my four years of wolf-watching , 21M and 42F had become as familiar as family and I had developed a great admiration and affection for them both. On top of my other grief, it was wrenching to learn I was a week too late for a last glimpse. It seemed so unfair. My last sighting of them was February 3rd 2003. They were together, and had just welcomed back Limpy, # 253, from his second extended absence from the pack. Come to think of it, that sighting is an awfully nice way to remember them.


Thanks are always in order to John Uhler for starting the Web Page that made all the rest possible. And to Doug Dance for designing this page, for supporting my efforts and teaching me html and for hosting it for so long; to Geyser Gary for providing a transitional home and for endless helpful advice, and a special thanks this time to Ballpark Frank for all his efforts on behalf of all the Loons. And for making it such fun for me.

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