I missed the actual Spring Loonion for 2002 by a few weeks due to work commitments but nothing would stop me from my annual visit to Yellowstone in spring. I find it is the best season for seeing bears and these days it is just as good for wolves. And it turned out to be excellent for spotting Loons, too.

This year’s trip was another amazing adventure that offered solitude and comraderie, beauty and harshness, warm sun and cold sleet, and the lessons of new life and sudden death.

I am indebted to John Uhler, Head Loon and webmaster of the Total Yellowstone Page, whose trip reports were the first to hook me way back when; to all Loons, Lurkers and newbies of both Pages, by whom I am daily educated and in whom I find constant inspiration; and to Doug Dance, my generous friend and photographer extraordinaire, who has again graciously agreed to host this overly wordy report on his site.

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