This Trip Report covers my all-too-short Christmas Trip to Yellowstone from December 25th-30th.



I refer often to Allison, my good friend and fellow Loon, who died suddenly in December of 2003. Her ashes were scattered on Kite Hill overlooking Mt. Everts in a memorial service with her family in June of 2004. Her memorial service is described in my previous trip report and she appears two other Trip Reports, my Thorofare Trip and Spring 2001.



The last time I was in the Park the long-time alpha male of the Druid Peak pack, wolf 21M had been missing several weeks. H ewas confirmed dead in July of 2004, of natural causes; his body was found in a spot where he and the Druid pack often stayed in summertime. His long-time mate, wolf 42F had been killed in a skirmish with other wolves that same year, in late January. Their deaths cast a gloom over wolf watchers in Lamar Valley. Although we will always miss them, I can say that the gloom has now now lifted as wolf fans have gotten to know the new generation of Druid wolves in Lamar Valley. In addition, many other packs have become regularly visible in the surrounding areas. I hope you enjoy the tidbits of information about these wolves that I provide.

Thanks are always in order to John Uhler for starting the Web Page that made all the rest possible. And to Doug Dance for designing this page, for supporting my efforts and teaching me html and for hosting it for so long; and to Geyser Gary for providing a transitional home and endless support and encouragement. Merry Christmas to all Loons and Lurkers.

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