DAY THREE - Sunday, July 7


Itís a bit warmer today at 45 degrees. The birds are singing like crazy. It looks to me that there could be some fog this morning. And there is, but it doesnít last long.

Once again I see mule deer near Baronnette.

No one finds any wolves or bears in Lamar, nor in Little America. Since itís Sunday, Jeremyís day off, we have no telemetry to help us. However Doug calls Laurie from Blacktail. He has wolves in view.

Luckily we arrive in time. The gangís all here: Jeremy, Rick, Doug, Missy & Andy, Laurie & Dan. Becky & Chloe sneak in one final wolf sighting before they leave.

We are looking at the rendezvous area. I see a black wolf walking among the deadfall, which turns into two blacks, then three. These are all pups. Then two more pups appear, heading to the spot where Doug says the adults had left food this morning before I arrived.

The pups clean up whatever scraps are left and then begin to wander back west. One of them instigates some romping play and we ooh and ahh over it. All too soon they settle down and disappear into the forest.

To the north, Jeremy finds an albino elk in a herd of about 20 animals. Rick climbs partially up South Butte and Dan finds a black bear. I suggest we try scoping from the Frog Rock side of the lot, since it basically affords the same view of the rendezvous but you donít have to put up with traffic passing in front of your scope.

We head over there but the wolves remain hidden. A little drizzle develops but doesnít last long.

After a while some of us decide to drive up to Antelope to see if we can find 1109 and her pups. We stop at the lot with the grizzly preserve sign. But instead of wolves we find bedded elk with calves, bison and ground squirrels.

We head back east and I stop to scope from Slough. Itís warmed up to 64.

On my way east I see a pronghorn & fawn at Soda Butte Cone, and a black bear at Pebble. Then I spot a really small black bear just before the Thunderer lot. Aww, could be a two year old that mom kicked out early.

Back in Silver Gate, I have a shower and a nap and help Laurie with dinner. After a bit of afternoon rain it still looks a bit cloudy when I head back down around 6:45

Things get quite windy at Footbridge and more rain comes. The squall passes fairly quickly and I end up at Dorothyís. Itís another beautiful evening although we do not see any wolves. Instead we see the usual sandhills, pronghorn and a lone bald eagle.

Then I notice lots of cars stopped down at Hubbard. Aha! Looks like a grizzly has discovered the old bison carcass. I drive down and find a place to park. I watch the bear a while with some very nice people.

Then I head in for the night.

Today I saw: 3 black bears, 1 grizzly bear, bison, sandhill cranes, bald eagle, elk, pronghorn and fawn, 5 wolves (Eight Mile pups), and the spirits of Allison and Richard

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