In the short week since my last trip, developments at the two Junction dens have kicked into high gear.

Both 907 and 1276 are being seen regularly at their den south of the road. They are using a hole in the ground that 1109F dug and used for a short time a year ago. The area is southeast of the large Crystal lot (which is also the trailhead for Specimen Ridge).

Alas, some people (including some photographers who know better and are setting a poor example for others who donít) have been sneaking off the trail, trying to get close to that den. The Wolf Project has asked the NPS to put up closure signs in the area to discourage such behavior.

On the north side of the road, the alpha female and at least one other mother wolf are using the traditional dens in the Slough area (both natal and sage dens).

Wolf activity has been regularly observed on both sides, presenting wolf-watchers and regular visitors with a bounty of choices. Such easy viewing (albeit at a distance) is a treat. Many of us remember plenty of years in which Yellowstone wolf packs have denned completely out of sight. This is a gift to be treasured.

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