2023 SEPTEMBER VISIT Part 1 Sept 8-14



The biggest news is a little sad - somehow over the summer, the Junction Butte pack lost one of their two pups, the gray one. In early June, the plane saw both, but in August, when the adults were seen several days in a row on a carcass south of the road, only one pup was with them.

The good news is that this lone pup, a black female, is healthy and well-loved. She seems to revel in the attention she receives from the playful yearlings and watchful adults.

Collared gray 1347M has been seen somewhat regularly in the Confluence and Old Druid Rendezvous areas. He has been observed flirting and fanny-dancing with all the females of the Junction Pack. They all seem fond of him.

However, he has also been chased by the alpha male and some of his younger male lieutenants. He may be content to remain in the area, biding his time for an opportunity to join as we get closer to mating season.

Both 907F and 1276F continue to display alpha behavior. 1382F still gets pinned by both, but she is still treated normally by the rest of the Pack.

Junctionís numbers fluctuate between 13 and 18 now.


This pack now has 8 surviving pups. They are not seen as regularly on the Blacktail as they were in June, but are spotted fairly often in other parts of their territory, including near Antelope Creek.

Thatís all the info I have at the moment. I will update when I get more info.

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