DAY FIVE - Monday, December 30


Today my first stop is at the Nature Trail where I join Richard & Steve. Its very cold, especially since we have nothing in sight.

I head east and stop at Hellroaring to scope a bit. Nothing there, either!

There are bison on the road which nearly cause Richard & Steve to crash.

We scope at Elk Creek; nothing there, either.

When we reach Little America we hear that the Junctions are visible at Slough but there is no parking to be had! So I end up at Lamar Canyon West. Marlene is here, as well as numerous others. I hike up a little ways on the north side and see plenty from there, even though its a long look. Total wolves 8; two black and five gray Junctions plus gray 911. It is thought that 911 and 890 are both Blacktail wolves possibly brothers. This might be why 911 can get so close to the alpha female without prompting the wrath of the alpha male.

After the crowd thins out I move down to Bob's Knob. From here I see a confrontation between 870 and 911 he wants to join this group. Some of them seen willing and others not so much. Overall it indicates that the back and forth has been going on a while. We see 911 and a gray pup having a friendly greeting.

C & L find the rest of the pack further west, bedded on a rocky slope. I move west to Aspen and scope with Rick & Richard a while. Then Rick heads home and Steve joins us. We show some really nice people the wolves, including several who initially have a hard time seeing them. Then the wolves move and we lose them a while, then Steve finds them again on another rocky slope. They are much harder to see in this spot.

I decide to head east, expecting the Lamars to be on the carcass that Rick moved. But no. Worse, there is nothing at all on it! I drive further east, having been told there are many moose in the willows up in Round Prairie.

I stop there and find four not realizing there were actually five!

I am looking forward to seeing Laurie when she and Dan arrive today but they get a late start and she does not arrive until I am headed back to Gardiner.

Becky and Chloe and I have dinner at Outlaws with Marlene & her friend Alice.

Today I saw: bison, elk, 4 moose and 8 wolves (7 Junction Buttes and 911M) and the spirit of Allison.

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