DAY SIX - Tuesday, December 31


It’s overcast again today. Nothing being seen all through the Blacktail. I stop at Hellroaring anyway, but quickly move on to Lamar. It’s snowing in most spots, somewhere it's significant, limiting visibility.

I see Marlene at Slough. Rick pulls in and asks us to look for the Junction Buttes from the Knob. We do but it is very windy, blowing snow in our faces, and we see no wolves.

Laurie & Dan arrive and boy am I glad to see them. Jeff is in the Park, too. I can’t believe how many of us are here! Rick calls, saying he has signals from Lower Hellroaring so a bunch of us head there.

Some go to Upper but I stay here. None of us see any wolves though.

Visibility is still pretty bad but I head back east, joining forces who are looking for 755 to the north. Bad visibility. I go further east, Rick and I scope from Midpoint. While we are here, Kara calls. She has 889 in view from the YES lot. I get there in time to see her thanks to Jeremy letting me through his scope. The snow comes in quite thickly. We console ourselves that 889 and 755 are likely together up in that snow storm.

Drive up to Round Prairie but the visibility gets worse so I head back west. Across from the western Specimen Trailhead I see two people sitting next to a bison in the snow. I thought the bison was dead and they were inspecting it. Turns out they had immobilized it and were putting on a collar.

Wow. I would not want that job!

Laurie and Dan and Jeff pick me up to drive to Coleen’s for the party. It’s quite fun. Good food. Great company, and Bob shows his film “She Wolf”. It’s nice to watch her, but sad, too because she’s gone.

Back to Super 8 safe & sound.

Today I saw: bison, elk, 1 wolf (889F) and the spirit of Allison

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