SEPTEMBER VISIT - September 1-5


The day before this trip, I listen to the conference call with Cam Sholly for the major stakeholders and learn firsthand some good news. Repairs to the Northeast Road are going well, as is the re-construction of the old stagecoach road between Gardiner and Mammoth.

Cam wants very badly to have both stretches of road ready for winter and presents a tentative target date of October 15. He cautions that many factors could alter that deadline: delayed shipments and early winter weather being the most likely. He also warns that he might, at some point, have to temporarily eliminate the noon exit from Mammoth down to Gardiner, in order to give the crew their best chance to complete the work.

But still, itís good news to all of us who love Yellowstone.

Laurie and Dan and I have been trying to figure out how to enjoy some wolf-watching in the areas of the Northern Range that are currently open. One option we consider is to hire Rick via Nathanís Wolftracker business as our guide. Kathie and Mark generously offer the use of their Gardiner home and the trip comes together.

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