DAY THREE - Thursday, November 30


It’s a little warmer today at 10 degrees. A few stars remain in the sky as I start down.

My first stop is at Slough, where I find Bob in his usual spot. We have a bit of conversation but see no wolves.

I continue west, hoping to catch the Rescues.

Luckily, I am not too late. I join other watchers at Nature Trail. They have the Rescues; well, at least 8 of the 15, to the south on a new carcass, a bit west of where they were on Tuesday.

I see two large blacks bedded on a low hill. Downhill and to the right is a gray, probably a pup, chasing birds. Two other pups are further west, playing chase.

I am convinced that three black “things” on the low hill are only rocks, as I have so often been fooled over the years. But these three “rocks” actually turn into wolves!

Jeff finds a coyote off to the right on a distant hill.

I enjoy talking with Pito and Jeff this morning. We have all recently seen a nature film about dinosaurs and extinction events, and it sparks a lively discussion.

Pito tells some tales of working with Mexican wolves and Jeff treats us to hot chocolate.

It’s much more cloudy today but a bit less cold.

Around 10:30 I head back east in hopes of adding a Junction sighting to my day.

Instead, I see two coyotes; one crossing the road at Tower, another roaming south of Boulder Pond

When I arrive in Lamar, I find Laurie and Dan pulled over west of Fisherman’s. Apparently, I just missed seeing the Junction pup, who crossed the road to the north, scent trailing her pack.

Rick tells us that the plane found the Junctions today on Secret Passage. He suggests we go to the Ranch to “look back” from there. We try, but find neither the pup nor the pack.

At 11:15 we decide to go back east.

At 21’s crossing I notice the pebble-lined wash on the north side is outlined in a dusting of snow, making it stand out starkly because the rest of the hill is bare. Everyone is concerned by the lack of snow. But it does make for interesting sights while driving.

Today I saw: bison, coyotes, elk, 8 Rescue Creek wolves and the spirits of Allison, Richard and Jeff.

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