DAY FOUR - Friday, December 1


Itís even warmer today at 19 degrees. But along with it has come cloud cover and light snow.

Thereís about a quarter inch on the car. When I reach Trout Lake, the snow stops. From here on, the roads are dry.

We find nothing in Lamar, so we continue west. We heard that in the late afternoon yesterday, the Rescues chased and caught a bull elk.

When we arrive at Nature Trail, it seems that nearly everyone in the Park is here. The Junctions are not viewable today so their crew joins the Rescue crew watching the pack on their new carcass.

It seems to me that the Rescue pack loos healthier than the Junctions. They scratch a bit while the Junctions scratch a lot. Their coats seem thicker and fluffier.

There is not a lot of movement from the adults as they are mostly bedded, but the pups are restless and have a wonderful time chasing birds.

The Junction crew departs to try to find their wolves again. Pito shows me a photo of Wapiti wolves taken by the plane yesterday. They are surrounding a bison that they later took down.

I spend time with Jeff and Pito and Luis, while Taylor gives a talk. We chat and watch the Rescues for a solid hour. A bald eagle flies in and perches on a tree branch above the carcass. Later a single coyote looks longingly at the site from afar, then wisely leaves the area.

I leave around 10 to head back east but end up scoping from Hellroaring by myself for a bit. I find elk and bison and enjoy the scenery.

The Junctions are still not viewable today, so I stop at Footbridge and take a walk along the creek. I see two dippers and find several tracks: deer, bison and coyote.

Today I saw: bison, a coyote, elk, 13 Rescue Creek wolves and the spirits of Allison, Richard and Jeff.

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