DAY FIVE - Wednesday, January 17


Happy to say the temp is 16 ABOVE zero!. I find an inch and a half of new snow and itís still coming down. The snow is much wetter today.

At Picnic I find 6 Junction wolves tugging at the dwindling remains. Falling snow makes viewing difficult.

I can tell from radio chatter that something is happening to the west, but the words are too garbled to get details.

Nevertheless, at 8AM I head that way.

I find Laurie and Dan and Rick at Curve with the crew. Iím too late, but apparently 1048M was briefly seen south of here after he crossed.

He and his small group of Mollies were chasing elk last evening and were briefly glimpsed this morning near Tower. I never do get the whole story.

I go back to Picnic, arriving in time to see a total of 8 wolves (four gray/four black) starting to leave the carcass to head back west. Visibility has improved a great deal.

The alphas and the pup are here; the other wolves seem to be youngsters, judging from the amount of play they engage in. The tucked-tail black is part of the group today. I donít see her get pinned but she does get chased a lot. I also donít see 1386, so maybe that is explanation enough.

The group travels back along their usual route, up Amethyst bench, through the drainage and back to Jasper, with the youngsters full of play almost all the way.

The snow comes and goes, spoiling the view at times. At 11:30 a heavy squall arrives, along with wind, so I call it a day.

Today I saw: bison, coyotes, elk, 8 Junction wolves (including the alphas, the pup, the tucked-tail-black and four grays) and the spirits of Allison, Richard and Jeff.

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